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Cell parts

Mrs M. 9/25

6 CLT's respond, adapt, made of cells, reproduce, grow and develop, obtain and use energy
3 parts of the cell theory 1. all living things are made of cells 2. all cells come from pre-existing cells 3. a cell is the basic unit of life
Eukaryotic, give ex. with a nucleus, multiple, larger
prokaryotic without a nucleus, always single cell, smaller
Eubacteria is prokaryotic (just bacteria)
archeabacteria- Extremophiles salt-loving, heat-loving, methane-making
Nucleus send messages to membrane
nucleos where a cell begins to make ribosomes
cell wall surrounds the cell membrane and supports the cell
cell membrane a protective layer that encloses the cell
cytoplasm the fluid & content inside the cell
chloroplast uses the sunlight to make food
chromosomes the DNA inside of the nucleus
ribosomes makes proteins
endoplasmic reticulum processes and transports material outside of the cell
Golgi body makes lipid and & breaks down drugs, packages proteins
lysosome digests food particles, and waste
mitochondria breaks down food molecules to make ATP
valocule stores water and other materials
3 differences between animal and plant cells Animal only has a cell membrane, animal cells have no chloroplast and the vacuoles are smaller.
draw a pic of a animal cell draw a pic of a plant cell
Hooke discovered cells
leuwenhoek discovered single celled organisms
pastuer disproved spontaneous generation
Schleiden discovers plants are made of cells
schwann discovered animal tissues are made of cells
virchow discovered all cells come from pre-existing cells
difference between eukaryotes and prokaryotes Eukaryotes have a nucleus while prokaryotes don't. Also Eukaryotes are very complex
2 similarities of animal and plant cells They both have a cell membrane and nucleus
describe how a cell and a factory are the same and different (2 reasons) They are the same b/c they both have to really hard, but they are different b/c factory uses people while a cell uses organelles
How do cells move materials into and out of the cell They go through the channels or the pores
Semi-permeable vs. permeable Semi permeable can let only some materials through while permeable can let everything through
How is diffusion and osmosis similar They both are the process by which the cells get oxygen and other materials
how do molecules move high to low
Why is salt water or pure water bad for your cells Salt water takes water away(shrivel up) while pure water can get too much water and burst.
What is the overall goal for diffusion and osmosis To reach a state of equilibrium
Why are chromosomes important they help control the growth of the cell and the reproduction and they tell the cell if it is a liver cell or a nerve cell ect.
What are the stages in the cell cycle in order interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase, and cytokenis
how do mitosis and cancer connect cancer is when a cell reproduces out of control using mitosis
What is asexual reproduction reproduction w/out a other cell
what is sexual production reproduction w/ another cell
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