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Science test 2

science vocabulary

Phase of matter with a definete shape & volume. Solid
Phase of matter with NO definete shape, but has a definete volume. Liquid
Phase of matter with NO definete shape or volume. Gas
The process of a liquid turning into gas - heat is required. Evaporation
The process of a gas turning into a liquid - coolness is required. Condensation
The process of a solid turning into a gas - heat is required. Sublimation
A condition a substance is in : solid, liquid or gas. Phases or States of matter
H2O + Ammonium chloride = (interaction) Temp. drop. (it gets cold)
HCL + Zn = (interaction) Temp. increase, fumes & bubbling. A new substance was formed. (it gets hot)
Milk + Vinegar = (interaction) Sloshy, smelly (odor),thick, white (color),liquid (buttermilk)
Seltzer + H2O = (interaction) Tablet dissolved, bubbling > gas is produced.
Balloon / table experiment: we set a table on top of 8 balloons to show what? Gas takes up space.
Lima beans experiment: we put lima beans in a beaker & added H2O to show what? Solids & liquids take up space.
A diagram having lines, dots, or other symbols showing a relation between 2 variables. Graph
The area in which something (matter) occupies. Space
A metric measurement of liquids. Liters
A model that works like the real thing. A working model
Something which represents the real thing, but is not the real thing: a picture, statue, etc. Model
2 or more objects having an affect on each other & causing something to happen. Interaction
2 or more objects working together to cause something to happen. System
Scale we use to measure temperature. Celcius
Instrument used to measure temperature. Thermometer
Graph A diagram (with x and y axis) having lines, dots, or other symbols showing a relation between 2 or more variables.
Information we can collect. Data
3 common properties of your table, chair and pencil. solid, human made, takes up space.
What you must have before completing a graph. a Data chart
Created by: CONTIKI