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Latin Collins Unit 4

Ecclesiastical Latin 501 Christendom NDGS

gladius, gladii sword
magister, magistri master, teacher, rabbi
modus, modi manner, way
mundus, mundi world
numerus, numeri number, multitude
aurum, auri gold
animus, animi heart, mind, spirit
cenaculum, cenaculi dining room, upper room, upstairs room
sacramentum, sacramenti sacrament
aeternus, aeterna, aeternum eternal
in aeternum forever
antiquus, antiquua, antiquum old, ancient
beatus, beata, beatum blessed, happy
bonus, bona, bonum good
clarus, clara, clarum clear, bright; glorious famous
magnus, magna, magnum great, large, big
malus, mala, malum bad, evil, wicked
meus, mea, meum my, mine
mortuus, mortuua, mortuum dead
multus, multa, multum much, many
noster, nostra, nostrum our, ours
novus, nova, novum new, recent
pius, pia, pium holy; loving, tender
impius, impia, impium wicked, godless
sacer, sacra, sacrum holy, sacred
tuus, tuua, tuum your, yours
verus, vera, verum true
vivus, viva, vivum living, alive
Sabaoth armies, hosts
ubi where
animus- animosity
gladius- gladiator
magister- magisterial
modus- mode
mundus- mundane
numerus- numeral
aurum- aureole
cenaculum- cenacle
beatus- beatify
bonus- bounty
clarus- clear
antiquus- antique
magnus- magnify
malus- malady
mortuus- mortuary
multus- multitude
novus- novel
pius- pious
sacer- sacred
verus- veracity
vivus- vivacious
Created by: ritacate