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Latin Collins Unit 3

Ecclesiastical Latin 501 Christendom NDGS

regina, reginae queen
chorus, chori choir
hymnus, hymni hymn
liber, libri book
vir, viri man, husband
caelum, caeli (nom pl. caeli) heaven, sky
canticum, cantici song, canticle
donum, doni gift
Evangelium, Evangelii Good News, Gospel
festum, festi feast, feast-day
gaudium, gaudii joy
mysterium, mysterii mystery
odium, odii hatred
peccatum, peccati sin
praeceptum, praecepti lesson, precept; command
praemium, praemii reward
regnum, regni kingdom, rule
sabbatum, sabbati Sabbath
sacrificium, sacrificii sacrifice
saeculum, saeculi age, world
in saeculum (saeculorum) forever (and ever)
testamentum, testamenti covenant, testament
universum, universi universe
verbum, verbi word
vinum, vini wine
vitium, vitii fault, sin, vice
hic here, in this place
ibi there, in that place, then
donum- donate
Evangelium- evangelize
festum- festival
gaudium- gaudy
odium- odious
peccatum- peccadillo
praemium- premium
regnum- reign
saeculum- secular
verbum- verbal
eram I was
eras you were (s)
erat he, she, it was
eramus we were
eratis you were (pl)
erant they were
ero I will be
eris you will be (s)
erit he, she, it will be
erimus we will be
eritis you will be (pl)
erunt they will be
verbum word, nom s, acc s
dono for a gift, dat s, by the gift, abl s
testamentis to the covenant, dat pl, by the testament, abl pl
festa feast, nom s, acc s
vinorum of the wines, gen pl
regni of the kingdom, gen s
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