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Sound and light

What happens when the teacher talks? How does the sound travels through the air? Vibrations in the air travel to the student
Which surface (shiny or dull ) reflects the most light? shiny
Which surface (rough or smooth) reflects the most light? smooth
Does a window produce a shadow? Why or why not? No, because the light passes through it.
Does a tree cast a shadow? Why or why not? Yes, because the tree blocks the light
Which color absorbs the most light? Black
Which color reflects the most light? White
If I am walking outside and my shadow is behind me, where is the sun? (in front of me, behind me, or over me) In front of me
How would I decrease the loudness of a guitar string? Pluck the strings softer
How would I change the pitch of a guitar string to make it higher? Tighten or Loosen the string Tighten the string
In what form does energy travel? Waves
What happens to light when it hits the water? Will ray of light stop, bend, or keep going straight. Light rays will be bent
What happens to light as it travels through the air? Will ray of light stop, bend, or keep going straight? Travels in a straight line
Through which medium would sound travel slowest? air, water, or wood air
Through which medium would sound travel the fastest? air, water, or wood Wood
Can you draw a picture of what happens in reflection? Bounce 90 degree angle
Can you draw a picture of absorption? Bounce all over place
Can you draw a picture of refraction? Bent line
What is energy? The ability to do work or change
Name an example of potential energy anything not moving
Name an example of kinetic energy anything moving
Name at least 3 types of energy kinetic, potential, heat, light, sound, wind, mechanical
This is the highest point of a sound wave crest
White reflects or absorbs which colors? Reflects all colors
Black reflects or absorbs which colors? Absorbs all colors
Yellow reflects or absorbs which colors absorbs all colors except reflects yellow
When light bounces off an object is it called reflection or refraction? reflection
What is the term for a dark area that is made when light is blocked? Shadow
Name a way that energy can be transferred from one form to another? Answers may vary but must be correct mechanical to electrical to light etc