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Nervous System

Chapter 13 Medical Terms

psycho mind
physio nature
Two Major Divisions of the Nervous System: Central Nervous System [CNS] and Peripheral Nervous System [PNS]
The CNS includes: the brain and spinal cord
Two Types of Cells in Nervous System: neurons and glia
Dendrites transmit impulses to the body cells
axon carries impulses away from the cell body
myelin sheath white fatty covering many axons are surrounded by
auto self
cerebello cerebellum
cerebro brain or cerebrum
encephalo brain
cervico neck
coccygo coccyx
cranio cranium, skull
dendro tree
duro dura mater
glio neuroglia or a sticky substance
kerato cornea or hard/horny
lumbo lower back
meningo meninges
mento mind
myelo bone marrow or spinal cord
nervo nerve
neuro nerve
phreno mind
retino retina
sacro sacrum
spino spine
vasculo vessel
agora- marketplace
-asthenia weakness
-esthesia sensation, perception
-lexia words, phrases
-orexia appetite
chemo chemical
thermo heat
photo light
sclera tough white membrane covering much of the eyeball
lacrimo tear
electro electric
CerebroVascular Accident stroke
Transient Ischemic Attack ministroke
kinesio movement
coma a state of unconsciousness from which the patient cannot be aroused
-plegia paralysis
diplo double
-lexia words
-lepsy seizure
-opia vision
somato body
psychosis any major mental disorder characterized by a gross impairment in reality testing and often characterized by inappropriate mood and diminished impulse control.
delusion a false belief
-mania excessive preoccupation
Alzheimer's progressive mental degeneration
analgesics agents that relieve pain without causing loss of consciousness
hypnotics drugs often used as sedatives
Somatic Nervous System Part of the nervous system under conscious control
Autonomic Nervous System Part of the nervous system that is automatic and involuntary
Sclera Tough white membrane covering much of the eyeball
Lacrimation crying.
Equilibrium sense of balance given by the semicircular canals
Subdural Hematoma Accumulation of blood under the dura matter
Epidural Hematoma Accumulation of blood above the dura matter
Intracerebral Hematoma Bleeding within the brain
Akinesia Complete or partial loss of muscle movement
Aphagia Inability to swallow
Aphasia Absence of the ability to communicate through speech
Dysphasia speech impairment
Myopia near sighted
Hyperopia far sighted
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