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What is the ISS? The ISS is the most complex international scientific project in history.
Name 1 reasonfor NASA's mission for ISS. TO protect our home planet(earth)
The Iss was created as an ______ in space. outpost
The ____ will change the world. ISS
Name where the 5 space agencies were. USA,Russia,Japan,europe,and Canada
Who is the main contributer for the ISS. NASA
When did the ISS construction begin? 1998
Each shuttle mission is launched to _____ or _____ the ISS build or repair
Who sent a labratory to the ISS carried by a US shuttle? Japan
What did Canada build? a robotic arm
What is another name for outpost fort
An emergency Russian _______ is always docked at the ISS in case the ISS crew needs to evacuate Soyuz
To remove or leave place in danger evacuate
How many docking ports are there? three
ISS would not be possible without the _______. shuttles
Control module was launched from a _____ _____. Russian rocket
The _______ _______ connected the first 2 modules. Endeavor astronauts
The annual budget for the ISS is ________. 2 billion
What is the size of the solar panels? 1 acre
ISS orbits ____ miles above the earth 220
The ISS is the worlds biggest ____. labratory
The new shuttle planned for NASA in ____ is called the ____ __________ ______. Crew Expedition Vehicle(CEV)
smaller without large payload CEV
NASA hopes top put a man on Mars by ____. 2037
Created by: anna123