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Chris Sci. 1&2

Vocab. Words

landform region where topography is made up of mainly one type of region
hypothesis possible explanation for a set of observations or answer to a scientific question
science a way of learning about the natural world
constructive force change earth's shape by building up landmasses and mountains
engineer a person who is trained to use technological and scientific knowledge to solve problems
controlled experiment testing a hypothesis under conditions established by the scientist
system a group of parts that work together as a whole
relief differences between the highest and lowest parts of an area
hemisphere one half of the sphere that makes up the earth
topography the shape of the land
technology how people change the world around them to meet their needs
index contours labeled elevation contours on a topographic map
elevation height above sea level
equator imaginary line that circles the earth and is halfway between the north and south poles
longitude distance east or west of the prime meridian
digitizing converting locations on a map into numbers to enter into the computer
observation using your senses to gather information
contour line connects points of equal elevation
key list of all the symbols on a map
GPS method of locating point on the surface of the earth using satellites
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