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Lab Safety

Fire 1.Pull fire alarm. 2.Put out fire if possible. Don't attempt alone. (NO DEAD HEROES!)
Fire (person) 1.Stop, drop, roll in a fire blanket. 2.Treat for burns
Burns (1st Degree)and scalds 1. Immerse in cold water. Immersion impossible; apply towels or cloth soaked in clean cool water. Change frequently. 2.DO NOT apply ointments or dressings 3.DO NOT remove clothing if stuck to burned area. 4.Get medical attention.
Chemical Spill (floor/table) 1.Neutralize if necessary: Baking soda-Acids Vinegar-Bases 2.Wear gloves, wipe with paper towels and dispose in garbage.
Chemical Spill (skin) 1. Remove clothing and jewelry from affected area asap. Use caution to prevent contamination of eyes when pulling clothing over head 2. Do not neutralize chemicals on skin 3.Rinse with cold water for at least 15 mins.
Chemical Spill (eyes) 1.Remove contact lenses if present. Remove while rinsing if difficult to remove. 2. Rinse in eye wash station at least 15 mins. Keep eyes open and roll eyes to ensure thorough removal of chemical
Broken Glass 1. Clean up spill if necessary 2. Sweep up glass with broom and dustpan 3. Put in broken glass bin
Gas Leak/Toxic fumes 1. Pull fire alarm. 2. Shut off source if possible and safe. Do not attempt alone 3. Ventilate: open doors/windows, use fans.
Ingested/Inhaled Chemicals 1. Identify material and quantity ingested. 2.Get age and mass of victim 3. Call Poison Control Centre 4. When ambulance arrives, send container and contents with paramedic.
Cuts (less severe bleeding) 1. Wear disposable gloves 2.Clean wound 3. Apply a pressure pad firmly on the wound. 4.If bleeding continues or objects need to be removed, get medical attention.
Electrical shock 1.Turn off power. 2.Get medical help
Bruises Apply cold compresses.Change frequently.
Anaphylactic Shock 1. Get Medical attention 2. If an anaphylaxis kit is available, administer the medications following the kits directions. 3. If the person has no pulse or stops breathing, administer CPR. 4. The person should be taken to the nearest hospital.
Diabetic Shock (conscious) - give them sugar (candy, [not Chocolate], fruit juice, or a soft drink [not diet])
Epileptic Seizure (Tonic-Clonic) (Grand Mal) During Seizure: During Seizure: 1. Ease the person to the floor 2. Move objects away from the person 3. DO NOT restrain the person 4. Never put anything in their mouth. 5. Let the seizure run its course. 6. Get medical help
Epileptic Seizure (Absence) (Petit Mal) 1. Reassure and comfort the person 2. Notify the parents/guardians. 3. Only restrain wandering by guiding away from danger or to a seat.
Unconsciousness (fainting) 1. Don't move person unless necessary. 2. Continually check that airways are clear and person is breathing 3.Loosen clothing around neck, chest, and waist. 4. Keep crowds away to ensure air supply.
Epileptic Seizure (Tonic-Clonic) (Grand Mal) After Seizure: 1. Roll the person onto their left side 2. Reassure and comfort the person. 3. Notify the parents/guardians.
Diabetic Shock (unconscious) -rub small amounts of glucose syrup or honey inside the mouth until they regain consciousness. DO NOT GIVE THEM LIQUIDS.
Created by: bowenchem12