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SS Chapter 1

Poor people that farmed and worked on a plantation. They were FREE. Tenant farmers
A Native American group that lived in MD Algonquins
The first colony settled by Lord Baltimore 1 Avalon
Home of Algonquins Wigwams
The process of drying tobacco Curing
Large barrels for holding tobacco Hogsheads
A island in the West Indies Barbados
A body of water that divides Maryland Chesapeake Bay
A large farm Plantation
Europeans who worked for a mastering exchange for a boat fare to America Indentured servants
What is the first step in tobacco farming? Tiny tobacco seeds are planted in small beds in these SPRING.
What is the second step in tobacco farming? Young plants are set out in fields and watched for tobacco worms that must be removed.
What is the third step in tobacco farming? In AUGUST, this tobacco is plucked and dried, known as CURING.
What is the fourth step in tobacco farming? The NEXT SPRING, leaves are separated and packed in large barrels called HOGS-HEADS.
What is the fifth step in tobacco farming? The HOGS-HEADS (barrels of tobacco) are loaded onto small boats called LIGHTERS and taken downstream to the NOTTINGHAM.
What is the sixth (last) step in tobacco farming? Farmers need to replace nutrients in the spoil by planting hay or wheat.
What are the two large families of the Algonquin tribe that lived in Maryland? Piscataways and Nanticoke
How did Native Americans fish? Dug for clams Speared fish Used nets and traps Fishing lines with bone hooks
What crops did Maryland Native Americans grow? Tobacco Corn Beans Squash Peas
How did Native Americans use CORN? Made cornmeal Made hominy Made succotash Made bread
What animals and birds did MD Native Americans hunt? SMALL - turkeys, raccoons, beavers, squirrels, pigeons LARGE - deer and bears
How did Native Americans use deer and their skin? Clothes Food Wigwams Moccasins
What materials did Native Americans use to make wigwams? Two rows of young trees Animal skins Pieces of reed Grass mats
Plantation owners had what three kids of helpers? Slaves Tenant farmers Indentured servants
What was the family name of all of The Lord Baltimores? Calvert
What was the FIRST Lord Baltimore's name? George Calvert
What colony did George Calvert first make so that people could have freedom to worship? Avalon
Where was Avalon? Newfoundland
Why was George Calvert's Avalon colony not a success? Poor soil and climate
Who gave George Calvert land in America and what was it called? King Charles of England It was called Maryland
Who was the SECOND Lord Baltimore? Cecil Calvert, the oldest son of George Calvert.
Who was the first Governor or Maryland? Leonard Calvert
Who were Leonard and George Calvert? Cecil's younger brothers that led 300 people on boats to the new Maryland colony.
Who was the third Lord Baltimore? Charles Calvert, the son of Cecil
Who was the first Lord. Baltimore to actually go to Maryland? Charles, the THIRD Lord Baltimore.
Who made Charles lose control of the Maryland Colony? King William and Queen Mary of England
Who was the FOURTH Lord Baltimore? Benedict Leonard Calvert, son of Charles.
Why did King William and Queen Mary give Maryland back to Benedict Leonard Calvert? Because he was not Catholic.
How long did Benedict Leonard Calvert live after his fathers death 6 weeks
Who was the 5th lord Baltimore's name Charles
Who was Charles father Benedict
Who was the 6th Lord Baltimore Fredrick Calvert
Who was Fredrick's dad Charles
What are the 2 sides of the Great Seal Of Maryland Obverse and Reverse
What are the 2 families the MD flag represents Calvert's and Cross-lands
What is the Maryland state flower Black-eyed Susan
Why did they pick the Black-eyed Susan It was MD colors, it usually has 13 petals just like the 13 colonies,and it blooms on Flag day and reaches its full bloom on Independence day
What is the MD state bird Oriole
Why was it picked as the state bird??? It is the same colors as MD
What are the 2 regions in the Atlantic Coastal Plain??? Southern MD and the Eastern Shore
Who sells crops in the Atlantic Coastal Plain?? Truck Farmers
Where do truck farmers take their crops Canneries
What is the richest farming area (it is an upland) Piedmont Plateau
Maryland has mountains called The ------------------------------ Blue Ridge Mountains
What is the mining region in MD( it is the most western region ) Appalachian Plateau
Why is the Eastern shore a peninsula It has water on both sides ( Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake bay )
Created by: CameronW
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