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LO6 Working Platform

Know about basic working platforms

Crawling board These are boards used to aid the unavoidable crossing of a fragile roof
Guard rail A hand rail; designed to prevent people from falling, fitted to working platforms at a height of between 950 and 1000mm.
Toeboard A board fitted vertically to the lowest point on the working platform. This board should be no smaller than 150 mm high and is fitted to prevent tools and materials being kicked off the platform edge.
Four boards wide This is the minimum number of scaffold boards required for the platform of a general purpose scaffold.
Brick guards A steel mesh approximately 1 metre wide. Hooked over the handrails, they are used to provide a barrier between the scaffold handrail and toe board, thereby preventing debris etc from falling off a scaffold.
1 The maximum number of people allowed on a ladder at one time
Five rungs The number of rungs that a ladder should extend past the platform by. (Approximately 1 metre)
75 degrees The correct angle for a ladder giving access to a working platform.
1:4 (‘one out, four up’) This ratio will give the correct angle for the positioning of a ladder.
Three The number of points of contact with the ladder that a user must have at all times.
Employer The person/s responsible for providing a safe place of work.
Falls from a height The single highest cause of death on site:
Mobile tower scaffold A scaffold which can be moved short distances. Enabled by castors (Wheels) which are located at the bottom of the scaffold. These are braked when the scaffold is in use. It is important that this type of scaffold is not used on Soft or uneven ground.
Created by: bwale