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Which ecological relationship would the Prickly-Pear Cactus and the Giant Tortoise be in? Why? They would be in Mutualism.I think this because he Prickly-Pear Cactus give the Giant Tortoise nutrients and the Giant Tortoise is able to reproduce the Cactus by eliminating it. Therefore, they are both benefiters.
If there are ground finches, mites/ticks, And the Giant Tortoise, who benefits who? Why? They both benefit eachother. I think this because the mites/ticks like to be on the Tortoise and the finches take them off of the tortoise. The tortoise helps the finch by supplying that food to the finches.
If I am a snake and I eat a mouse for food(energy)what ecologigal relationship would I be in? Why do you think this? You would be in predation. I think so because the snake kills the mouse in order to have food to eat.
In order to be in the ecological relationship predation, I need what? You need to have an animal that eats another animal. The animal that gets ate should not get benefits in any type of way.
Give an example of an animal that would be in a commensalism. Why was this chosen? Hermit crabs. These crabs have to find shells for shelter and use various snail shells. These shells are available because the snail has died. So, the snail is not affected.
If I am a giant tortoise and there are ground finches, would I be in a predation or a mutualism? You would be in a mutualism.I think this because in this situation they both get benifited but not harmed.
What is parasitism? Can you give an example of parasitism? Parasitism is a relationship in which one organism benefits and the other is harmed. An example of parasitism would be bed bugs.The bed bugs harm the humans by biting and sucking skin.