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Questions [Science]

15 Questions about our notes

What is an ecosystem/makes is a proper working ecosystem? An ecosystem contains all factors, biotic and abiotic. For it to be a proper ecosystem all the biotic and abiotic factors must interact.
What is a population? A population contains and/or is all the same species. Many populations are similar to each other depending on the ecosystem their in.
What is a competition/why is it needed? A competition is when living things fight for or defend. They fight and defend for their own living necessitces or their space. Also having competition is a way to limit the certain amount of a population in an ecosystem.
What is a limiting factor/why do we need it? A limiting factor is anything that keeps the amount of individuals at a certain amount. Without limiting factors many of the individuals in/per population will go crazy.
What is a carrying capacity? A carrying capcity is the maximum number of creatures in a certain species. This is to support the ecosytems maximum capcity.
What is a symbiosis/what are the 3 types? A symbiosis is the/a close relationship to some species. This is a trusted bond between two or more species. Their are commensalism, mutualism, and parasitism.
What is predation? Predation is a predator and/or consumer. This is a consumer that captures and kills its prey for a meal.
What is a decomposer/scavenger/do they work well together? A decomposer is a creature that breaks down an already dead animal. Many decomposers are microscopic. And a scavenger is a creature that finds a dead animal. Sometimes the two work together and share the "prize."
What is cooperation/why do they cooperate? Cooperation is when two animals work together to accomplish something. Usually the reason why one helps the other is because it has one end and/or purpose to the doing.
What is commensalism/how do the benefit flows through the bond? This is a type of symbiosis. Its when there are two animals and one is providing some sort of a "prize." While the other one is providing protection or something of that sort.
What is mutualism/how do the benefit flows through the bond? This is a type of symbiosis. Its when there are two animals and both are benefited.
What is parasitism/how do the benefit flows through the bond? This is a type of symbiosis. Its when there are two animals and one gets a benefit while the other gets nothing out of the bond.
What provides the start of an energy? The start of all energy comes from the sun. The sun provides the food for producers.
What do producers use to make there own food? The way producers make there food is photosynthesis. This is also a way producers get their energy.
How is a food web, chain, and pyramid different? A food chain is a single way the energy is passed through. A food web is a series of energy transfer ways by using a couple of more animals that are compatible to the web. And a pyramid is a pyramid showing where most of the energy is at [bottom.]
Created by: Michelle Nguyen