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Reading--Unit 1

Voc words from Unit 1 in the Reader

biscuits round forms of baked bread dough made without yeast
dough soft, thick mixture of flour, milk, fat, and other ingredients for baking
prairie a large open area with few or no trees
raisins dried grapes
rumpled crumpled, crushed, wrinkled
teasing pestering or annoying someone with unking jokes or tricks
wrinkled having creases or folds
adopt to take a child of other parents and bring up as your own
atlas a book of maps
carriage a four-wheeled vehicle that is pulled or pushed
couple a man and woman who are married, engaged, and so on
misery great suffering or unhappiness
platform a raised level surface
instruments devices for producing musical sounds
measures bars of music
orchestra a group of musicians playing at a concert, opera, or play
rehearsal practice to prepare for public performance
triangle a musical instrument
border a boundary or edge
future what is to come
handkerchief a soft piece of cloth used for wiping the face, nose, and so on
inspired caused someone to do something good
involved absorbed in; included
laundry clothes to be washed
memories all that a person remembers
scene a view or picture
bellows makes a loud, deep noise
billows great waves of smoke, flame, or sound
crouched stooped low with bent legs
smarted felt or caused sharp pain
tufts bunches of feathers, hair, or grass held together at one end
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