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Science 7

adaptations The features that plants and animals have to help them live in a particular place.
community All the plants and animals that live in a habitat.
distribution The places where an organism can be found in a habitat.
environment The conditions around a certain organism caused by physical environmental factors.
habitat The place an organism lives.
microhabitat Small areas of a habitat with certain conditions (under a log in a woodland habitat).
physical environmental factors The non-living conditions in the environment of an organism (light, temperature).
quadrat A square frame, thrown randomly on the ground, which is used to sample plants in an area.
sample A small part of something. You use your results from the small part to suggest what the rest of it is like.
daily changes Changes in the physical environmental factors which happen during a day (it gets dark at night).
deciduous tree Tree that drops its leave in winter (oak tree).
evergreen tree Tree that keeps its leaves in winter (pine tree).
hibernation When animals hide during the winter and go to sleep.
migration When animals move to different areas of the world depending on the season.
nocturnal animals Animals that are active at night.
seasonal changes Changes in the physical environmental factors of an environment which happen during the course of a year (it gets colder in winter).
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