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Chinese words for family

大家庭 da jia ting Extended Family
核心家庭 hu xin jia ting Nuclear Family
庆祝 qing zhu celebrate
关心 guan xin care
支持 zhi chi support
抚养 fu yang foster
团聚 tuan ju reunion
单亲/身妈妈 dan qin/shen ma ma single parent/single mom
混血 hun xue mixed blood
庆典 qing dian to celebrate
独生子女 du sheng zi nu only child
祖先 zu xian ancestor
监护人 jian hu ren guardian
领养 ling yang adopted child
同性恋 tong xing lian homosexual
家庭 jia ting family
寄养 ji yang fostered
军人家庭 jun ren jia ting military family
单亲家庭 dan qin jia ting single parent family
继父母 ji fu mu stepparents
宽容 kuan rong tolerance
尊重 zun zhong respect
互相照顾 hu xiang zhao gu take care of each other
抚养权 fu yang quan custody
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