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L1 P1 U4 Lesson 7,8

Personal pronouns, vocab

flexus, flexus turn, curve
interior, (neut.) interius (adj.) interior, more inward, on the inside
medius, media, medium (adj.) middle
murus, muri (2nd dec. mas. noun) wall
spatium, spatii (2nd dec. neut. noun) lap, length, extent
spina, spinae (1st dec. fem. noun) spine, backbone
verso, versare, versavi, versatum (1st conj.) turn, revolve
circa (preposition, takes acc.) around
amicus, amica, amicum (adj.) friendly
carus, cara, carum (adj.) dear
certus, certa, certum (adj.) sure, definite, certain
fautor, fautoris (3rd dec. mas. noun) fan, supporter
ovum, ovi (2nd dec. neut. noun) egg
cado, cadere, cecidi, casum (3rd conj.) to fall
finio, finire, finivi, finitum (4th conj.) finish, limit, restrain, end
proficio, proficere, profeci, profectum (3rd conj.) gain, advance, make progress
spero, sperare, speravi, speratum (1st conj.) hope
stipo, stipare, stipavi, stipatum (1st conj.) to crowd, cram, surround
autem (postpostive conjunction) however, moreover
bene (adverb) well, satisfactorily, quite
ego, mei (pronoun) I
quod (conjunction) because
neque, nec (conjunction) and not, nor
tu, tui (pronoun) you
I ego
of me mei
to/for me mihi
by/with/from me me
you tu
of you tui
to/for you tibi
by/with/from you te
we nos
of us nostrum/nostri
to/for us nobis
us nos
by/with/from us nobis
vos you
of you vestrum/vestri
to/for you vobis
by/with/from you vobis
Created by: mhuffman