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GI Phys

source of gastrin G cells in antrum of stomach
source of CCK I cells in duo and jejunum
source of secretin s cells, duodenum
action of gastrin increased H+ in stomach increased growth of gatric mucosa increased gastric motility
action of CCK increases pancreatic secretions increases gallbladder contraction slows gastric emptying
action of secretin release of HCO3- decreased gastric acid secretion
regulation of gastrin decreased when stomach pH <1.5 increased when stomach is distended, presence of AA and peptides increased in vagal stimulation
regulation of CCK decreased if stomach pH<1.5 decreased by secretin increased by fatty acids and AA
regulation of secretin increased by acid, FA in lumen of duo
source of somatostatin D cells of pancreatic islets and GI mucosa
what regulates somatostatin increased by acid decreased by vagal stimulation
what is somatostatin used to treat VIPoma carcinoid tumors
what releases GIP? K cells in duo and jejunum
what does GIP do? exocrine fxn of decreasing H secretion endocrine fxn of increasing insulin release
regulation of GIP increased by fatty acids, AA, oral glucose
which is used more rapidly: oral or IV glucose? oral
source of VIP parasympathetic ganglia in sphincters, gallbladder and small intestines
action of VIP increases intestinal water absorption relaxation of intestinal smooth muscle and sphincters
regulation of VIP increased by distention and vagal stimulation decreased by adrenergic imput
what is VIPoma non-alpha, non-beta islet cell pancreatic tumor that secrete VIP --> copious watery diarrhea
action of NO on GI tract increased smooth muscle relaxation, (NB: lower P in LES)
what is implicated in decreased NO secretion accounts for incresed LES tone seen in achalasia
where is HCO3- released from? mucosal cells stomach duo
where is pepsin released from? chief cells of stomach
what controls gastric acid release increased by histamine and ACh decreased by somatostatin, GIP, PG, secretin
fxn of salivary amylase hydrolyzes alpha-1,4 linkages --> disaccharides
fxn of pancreatic amylase hydrolyzes starch to oligosaccharides and disaccharides
where is pancreatic amylase found highest [] in duo lumen
fxn of oligosaccharide hydrolase hydrolyzes oligosaccharidses --> monosaccharides RL step in carb digestion
Created by: Asclepius