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Science 5

Chapter Check 1 Section F

You spy an insect that looks like a bee. Upon closer investigation, you see that it has only one pair of wings and its antennae are shorter than its head. What is it? a fly
You had three praying mantises in a gallon jar on Friday, but the next Monday there was only one. What happened? The surviving mantis ate the others
You spy a bee that does not move at all. You move closer and realize it is just an empty shell. What could have happened to it? It might have had its insides sucked out by an ambush bug (if on a plant) or a bee killer (if on the ground).
It is late fall and you suddenly realize that the insects have disappeared. Where did they go? Some died, some migrated to warmer climates, some hibernated, and some are in their hives moving around to stay warm.
You feel sure that you see a yellow jacket heading for an aster, but then it hovers over the flower head. As you look very closely, you can tell that this insect has only one pair of wings. What have you found? An American hover fly
Yo have just been out collecting flowers and insects, and you are overwhelmed by the beauty and design of nature. Where did it all come from? It was created by God.