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Comprehensive Pharm 8

which drugs cause pulmonary fibrosis? busulfan bleomcyin amiodarone
which drugs cause gyneomastia "Some drugs create awesome knockers" spironolactone digitalis cimetidine alcoholism ketoconazole (estrogen)
which drugs cause SLE like syndrome "it's not HIPP to have lupus" hydralazine inh procainamide phenytoin
which drugs --> osteoporosis CHO corticosteroids heparin
which drug --> gingival hyperplasia phenytoin
which drugs --> photosensitivity Amy played Tetris on her cell phone in the sun amiodarone sulfonamides tetracycline
which drugs --> tendonitis and tendon rupture in kids fluoroquinolones
which drug --> gray baby syndrome chloramphenicol
which drugs --> agranulocytosis colchicine carbamazepine clozapine
which drugs --> atropine like side effects tricyclics
which drugs --> cardiac toxicity Dawn sat on the Docks mending her red, broken heart doxorubicin daunorubicin
which drugs --> torsades de pointes Ia and III aniarrhytmics cisapride
which drugs --> focal/massive hepatic necrosis Hello Val! Have a seat before your liver dies! halothane valproic acid acetaminophen
which drug --> fanconi's syndrome expired tetracycline
which drug --> interstitial nephritis methicillin
which drugs --> hemorrhagic cystitis cyclophosphamide ifosfamide
which drug --> hepatitis INH
which drugs --> pseudomembranous colitis I have to take a CLAMP clindamycin ampicillin
which drugs --> nephrotoxicity AND ototoxicity "if you call, i won't be able to hear you in the bathroom" Cisplatin aminoglycoside loop diuretics
which drugs --> seizures buproprion imipenem clistatin
which drugs --> DI lithium demeclocycline
which drugs --> aplastic anemia chloramphenicol benzene NSAIDS
which drug --> coronary vasospasm cocaine
which drugs --> flushing AIDEN was in the VAN FLUSHING NIACIN and CALCIUM niacin CCB adenosine vancomycin
which drug --> hemolysis in G6PD pts sulfonamides INH aspirin ibuprofen primaquine nitrofurantoin
whch drugs --> acute aholestatic hepatitis macrolides
which drugs --> cinchonism quinidine quinine
which drugs --> disulfiram like rxn metronidazole some cephalosporins procarbazine sulfonylureas
which drug --> neurotoxicity/nephrotoxicty polymyxins
uses for cytarabine AML
examples of nitrosureas "you MUST not let the Nitro go to your head, or you'll do a strip tease- a sin!" carmustine lmoustine semustine streptozacin
uses for nitrosureas brain tumors (incl. GBM)
uses of the -platins Platinum treated BOLTs breast ovarian lung testicular
uses for busulfan "I will bustle to treat my dark CaMeL" CML
adverse effects of busulfan "I will bustle to treat my DARK CaMeL" hyperpigmentation pulmonary fibrosis
uses for rubicins "MS. Hodgkin's will LOB the RED ball" myeloma sarcoma Hodkin's lung ovarian breast
uses for dactinomycin "children ACT out" rhabdomyosarcoma wilm's tumor ewing sarcoma
MOA 6MP blocks do novo purine synth, activated by HGPRTase
which 2 drugs work synergistically with each other to prevent DNA replicaion? 5-FU MTX
MOA MTX blocks DHF reductase, preventing DHF --> THF
MOA 5FU blocks thymidylate synthase (preventing dUMP --> dTMP)
which cancer agen has minimal myelosuppression? bleomycin
leucovorin folinic acid that can reverse some of the myelosuppression associated with MTX (doesn't do anything for 5FU myelosuppression)
"rescue agent" for 5FU thymidine
which cancer agent --> macrovesicular fatty change in liver? MTX
cancer agents that alkylate DNA Busulfan Platins Nitrosureas cyclophosphamide/ifosfamide
which alkylating agent requires bioactivation nitrosureas
uses for -phosphamides non-hodgkin's breast ovarian
which drugs intercalate in DNA? 3D doxorubicin daunorubicin dactinomycin
which cancer agents generate free radicals doxorubicin daunorubicin bleomycin
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