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Comprehensive Pharm 5

class thioridizine typical antipsychotic
class haloperidol typical antipsychotic
class fluphenazine typical antipsychotic
class chlorpromazine typical antipsychotic
class clozapine atypical antipsych
Class olazapine atypical antipsych
class risperidone atypical antipsych
class fluoxetine ssri
class paroxetine ssri
class sertraline ssri
class citalpram ssri
class imipramine tca
class amitriptyline tca
class desipramine tca
class nortiptyline tca
class clomipramine tca
class doxepin tca
class buprorpion heterocyclic
class venlafaxine heterocyclic
class mirtazapine heterocyclic
class maprotiline heterocyclic
class trazadone heterocyclic
class phenylzine maoi
class tranylcypromine maoi
toxicity associated with ssri gi distress anorgasmi a seratonin syndrome if given with maoi
sx of seratonin syndrome hyperthermia muscle rigidity cv collapse
how long does it take for antidepressants to work 2-3 wks
side effects of tca sedation alpha-blocking effects atropine like effects (tachy, urinary retention)
which generation of tca s have more anticholinergic effects? give an example of the drug 3rd amitryptyline
which tca is least sedating desipramine
toxicity assocaited with tcas tri-c's convulsions coma cardiotoxicity respiratory depression hyperpyrexia confusion and hallucination in elderly (d/t anticholinergic effects)
which class of drugs is used to treat alcohol w/d benzos
which class of drugs is used to treat anorexia/bulemia ssri
which drugs are used to treat anxiety buspirone benzos/barbiturates (take a shorter time to work) MAOI
which drugs are ssris? paroxetine fluoxetine sertriline citalopram
which class of drugs is used to treat atypical depression maoi
which class of drugs is used ot treat bipolar d/o lithium carbamazepine valproic acid
which drugs are used to treat depression ssri tca
which drugs are used to treat depression with insomnia trazadone mirtazapine
which drugs are used totreat OCD climipramine ssri olanzepine
which drugs are used to treat panic d/o tca buspirone
toxicity associated with maois hypertensive crisis associated with ingesting wine/cheese (tyramine)
drug interactions assicated with maois TCA and ssri (--> both cause seratonin syndrome)
MOA venlafaxine inhibits 5HT, NorE,
toxicity of venlafaxine stimulant effects sedation nausea constipation increased BP
MOA mirtazapine alpha-2 antagonist (increased release of NorE and 5HT) and potent 5HT2, 3 receptor antagonist
toxicity of mirtazapine sedation increased appetite weight gain dry mouth
moa maprotiline blocks NorE reuptake
toxicity of maprotiline sedation orthostatic hypotension
moa trazadone inhibits 5HT reuptake
toxicity of trazadone sedation nausea priapism postural hypotension
MOA dantroline blocks the release of ca from SR of skeletal muscles
uses of dantroline nms malignant hyperthermia
wha tcan cause malignant hyperthermia inhalation of anesthetics and succinylcholine
what are the different types of NM blocking agents depolarizing and nondepolarizing
ex of a depolarizing NM blocking agent succinylcholine
ex of nondepolarizing NM blockign agent anything with a "cur" in it
uses of NM blockign agents to paralyze muscles in surgery or mechanical ventilation
what are the 2 phases of depolarizing NM blockade? 1: continuous depolarization 2: gradual repolarization with resistance
how do you reverse the depolarizing blockade at phase 1? phase 2? administer cholinesterase inhibitors (eg: neostigmine or physostimine) during PHASE
how do you reverse the non-depolarizing blockade? cholinesterase inhibitors (eg: neostigmine, edrophonium)
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