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Comprehensive Pharm 4

MOA amphetamine indirect general sympathetic agonist releases stored catecholamines
MOA epehderine indirect and direct sympathomimetic stimulates release of NE from sympathetic neurons
MOA cocaine blocks reuptake of NorE and DA
MOA clonidine centrally acting alpha agonist decreased central adregnergic outflow
uses for epi anaphylaxis glaucoma asthma hypotension
uses for norE hypotension (but decreases renal perfusion)
uses for isoproterenol rare... AV block
uses for DA shock (increases renal perfusion) heart failure
uses for dobutamine shock heart failure cardiac stress testing
uses for amphetamines narcolepsy obesity ADD
uses for ephedrine nasal decongestion urinary incontinence hypotension
uses for phenylephrine pupil dilator vasoconstriction nasal decongestion
uses for albuterol asthma
uses for terbutaline asthma
uses for cocaine vasoconstriction local anesthetic
uses for clonidine HTN (esp with renal dz b/c it doesn't decrease blood flow to kidney)
examples of inhaled anesthetics halothane enflurane isoflurane (-ane)
MOA inhaled anesthetics unknown
effects of inhaled anesthetics myocardial depression respiratory depression n/v increased cerebral blood flow decreased cerebral demand
toxicity of halothane hepatotoxicity
toxicity of methoxyflurane nephrotoxicity
toxicity of enflurane pro-convulsant
toxicity of any inhaled anesthetic malignant hyperthermia (rare)
types of drugs used as IV anesthetics BB King on optiates proposes foolishly Barbiturates benzos Ketamine (arylclohxamines) opiates Propofol
which barbiturate is commonly used as an IV anesthetic? thiopental
uses of thiopental induction of anesthesia short surgical procedures
which is the most common anesthetic used for endoscopy? what is it administered with? midazolam gaseous anesthetics and narcotics
side effects of midazolam post-op respiratory depression hypotension amnesia
how is the respiratory depression from midazolam treated? flumezanil
side effects of arylcyclohexamines bad dreams CV stimulation disorientation hallucinations increased cerebral blood flow
benefit of propofol less post-op nausea than thiopental
what is combined with opiates during general anesthesia? other CNS depressants
MOA local anesthetics block Na channels by binding to specific receptors in inner portion of channel
examples of atypical antipsychotics olanzapine clozapine risperidone
examples of typical antipsychotics thioridazine haloperidol fluphenazine chlorpromazine
MOA typical antipsychotics block D2 receptor
MOA atypical antipsychotics blocks dopamine and 5HT receptors
clinical uses of typical antipsychotics schizophrenia psychosis acute mania Tourette's
clinical uses for atypical antipsychotics schizophrenia (+ and - sx)
clinical uses for olanzapine OCD anxiety d/o depression mania Tourette
toxicity associated with typical antipsychotics EPS endocrine effects anti-muscarinic effects (dry mouth) hypotension (from blocking alpha receptors), sedation (from blocking histamine receptors) NMS tardive dyskinesia
what is tardive dyskinesia stereotypical oral-facial movements d/t blocking DA receptors
what is NMS rigidity myoglobinuria autonomic instability hyperpyrexia
tx of NMS dantrolene and DA agonists
toxicity associated wiht atypical antipsychotics less EPS and anti-cholinergic effects Clozapine --> agranulocytosis
uses for lithium bipolar blocks relapse and acute manic events
toxicity of lithium LMNOP movement (tremor) nephrogenic DI hypOthyroidism Pregnancy problems
MOA buspirone stimulates 5HT1a receptors
uses of buspirone anxiolysis for GAD
benefits of buspirone doesnt cause sedation or addiction doens't interfere with alcohol
examples of ssri's fluoxetine sertraline paroxetine citalopram
clincical uses for ssri OCD endogenous depression eating d/o
examples of tricyclic antidepressants imipramine amitriptyline desipramine nortiptyline clomipramine doxepin
MOA TCA blocks reuptake of NorE and 5HT
uses for TCAs major depression bedwetting (imipramine) OCD (clomipramine)
which TCA is used for bedwetting imipramine
which TCA is used for OCD clomipramine
examples of heterocyclic anti-depressants you need BUtane in your VEINs to MURder for a MAP of alcaTRAZ buproprion venlafaxine mirtazapine maportiline trazodone
examples of MAOIs phenelzine tranylcypromine
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