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chapter 3 study guide

egoist talks about accomplismets
bigamy illigal marriages
anthorpologist The study of devleopment of mankind
mianthrope hates people
ambidextrous both hands
misogamist hates marriages
introvert turn thoughts inwards
gauche awkawrd
altruist is intrestead in the welfare of others
extrovert turns thoughts outwards
monogamy system of only one marriage
ambivert turn thoughts outwards and inwards
misogynist hates women
philanthropist one who engage in charitable works
gynecologist women doctor
polygyny many women
ascetic does not pursue plesure of the flesh
polyandry many marriages
adriot clever
dexterity right handed
sinister evil
egocentric one who is excessively fixated on his own desire and needs
altercation argument
alternate to take one or skip
egomaniac in love with one self.
mania mad/ crazy
ego ones concept of oneself
gauche left hand
gyne female
andros male
ambi both
dexter right hand
alter other
monos one
intro inside
bi two
verto turn
extro outside
centrum center
mesein hate
anthroops mankind
gamos marriage
asketes monk
polys many
sinister left hand
y a practice
ous adjective sufix
ity quilty, condtion, noun
ist person
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