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MUS 202 (Afr. Quiz 2

African Diaspora/Afro-Cuban/Afro-Peruvian

What was lost during the Transatlantic Slave Trade? Many Cultures were lost during this action.
What is a Portamento? This term refers to a "glissando" or "slide" in music.
What are the many components of African Diaspora Music? 1. Persuasiveness 2. Improvisation 3. Percussion (Heavy/Strong) 4. Vocal (Heavy/Strong) 5. Community
What was the Stone Rebellion? In Charleston, SC, it was illegal for African Americans to play or make a musical instrument.
What was a result of the Stone Rebellion? The "Blues" became very popular.
What instrument was used most in "Blues?" The "Blues" are mostly vocal, in 17 bar form.
Work Songs are referred to as what other term? "Field Hollars"
What are "Work Songs" made up of? 1. Call & Response 2. Rhythm 3. Catharsis (Musical Expression)
Who wrote the musical piece, "Stars & Stripes Forever?" John Phillips Sosa
When was the first African American Owned record company established and what was it's name? 1921; Swan Records
Who was the first African American who owned a recording company, and what record company was it? Henry Pace; Swan Records
What are the different styles of the "Blues?" 1. Classic 2. Delta 3. Chicago (Electric)
What were some first facts about Cuba? 1. First Island Colonized 2. Major Slave Trade Place
What happened in 1791 to "Haiti?" Right before the French Revolution, L'Toussaint Ouverture helped over-throw a ship, making Haitian's the first free African Americans.
Who is Antonio Maceo? A slave born man who lived long enough to see slavery abolished.
When are some traits of "Danzon?" This style of Dance & Rhythm is very formal and focused. It also introduced and influenced Ballroom Dances.
What are the "Timbales?" Baby Timponies.
What is the Cojunto? It is a simpler of the Hambanera Rhythm.
Son Clave is what? A simplified Konkalu Rhythm (12/8 Trinary Rhythm).
What are the different types of the "Rumba?" 1. Yambu - Seductive 2. Guaguaco - Celebratory 3. Columbia - Solo Male Dancer
What is the tempo order of the different types of "Rumba?" Slowest to Fastest
Created by: Heather221