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Vocabulary of Chinese holidays

holiday, festival 节日 jié rì
to end, to finish 结束 jié shù
to continue, to go on with 继续 jì xù
mother's brother 舅舅 jiù jiu
wife of mother's brother 舅妈 jiù mā
residential complex 小区 xiǎo qū
environment, surroundings 环境 huán jìng
Chinese New Year's Eve 除夕 chú xi
Chinese New Year's Eve dinner 年夜饭 nián yè fàn
feeling, affection 感情 gǎn qíng
wall 墙 qiáng
to paste, to glue 贴 tiē
happy; happiness 幸福 xìng fú
blessing; good fortune 福 fú
to turn upside down 倒 dào
strange; odd 奇怪 qí guài
meaning 意思 yì si
meal 餐 cān
original; at first 本来 běn lái
measure word 家 jiā
Created by: SabrinaHuang
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