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water pollution

Water, Water Everywhere chapters 5-8

Best way to increase amount of available water for a population. reduce water usage through water conservation
Waste water from sinks and tubs, no human biological wastes greywater
Can be used to irrigate flowerbeds and water trees greywater
Raising freshwater and marine plants and animals for food Aquaculture
Way to demonstrate good stewardship of natural resources when raising fish through aquaculture raise fish with as little pollution as possible
Best interpretation of quote: "We all live downstream." Everyone's wastewater is someone's water resource
Which is true about water as a natural resource? water is renewable and requires good stewardship
chemical often used to kill microorganisms in water treatment and waste water chlorine
waste from a pipe flowing into a river point source pollution
water runoff from a city street non-point source pollution
fertilizer sprayed onto a field non-point source pollution
runoff that contains fertilizers and pesticides non-point source pollution
Major cause of disease and death, especially in developing countries dumping human waste into rivers and streams
oil spill resulting from an accident to a ship carrying oil as cargo point source pollution
Deadly bacterial disease that has been limited due to implementation of water quality standards cholera
Chemical added to clean water supplies to fight tooth decay fluoride
Odorless and tasteless chemical difficult to detect and monitor in the water supply arsenic
Main source for arsenic contamination of drinking water farms and industry
This important part of water treatment removes small particles from the water Filtration
Why should prescription and over the counter drugs not be disposed of in the sink or toilet drugs may enter the water cycle
Why are water quality standards necessary prevent water from having excessive levels of pollutants
Main reason scientists monitor the water quality of water sources to protect the health of humans
Most important way to protect the quality of a local river basin? planting and protecting plants around streams and lakes
Application of fertilizer in fields and lawns non-point source pollution
regulate waste discharge from an industrial factory point source pollution
When establishing a new town, the most important aspect of the community to develop first clean water source
Profession most likely to monitor the hydrosphere daily meteorologist
Profession that studies water and water quality hydrologist
How can communities best determine if methods used to maintain water quality can justify the economic trade-offs involved? evaluate the health benefits of higher water quality
reason why public beaches and recreational waterways are carefully monitored to protect citizens from potential disease
Why is it important to understand how to properly dispose of wastes? improper disposal of wastes in a water shed affects the organisms living in the water downstream
One way to help prevent pollution of lakes and rivers control soil erosion around lakes and rivers
Why do we monitor levels of microorganisms at beaches in summer time monitoring water quality is important to public health
Why have laws and regulations been established for builders of new construction? to minimize the impact of pollution on the environment
Which government organization was created to monitor and devise regulations regarding water quality in the United States? Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Which act was passed in regards to water quality in the United States? The Clean Water Act of 1972
Created by: 8teach8
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