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Vocab Lessons 1-4

Vocabulary for Achievement Lessons 1-4

archaic no longer used or applicable, ancient
argot The informal, specialized vocabulary or expressions of a particular group
connotation Ideas or meanings suggested by a word; associations that go beyond a word's literal meaning.
denotation The most direct of specific meaning of a word
idiom An expression with a special meaning that cannot be understood from the meanings of the individual words; a nonliteral expression
jargon(1) A specialized vocabulary of a profession or trade
jargon(2) Nonsensical or meaningless communication
pidgin A simplified form of speech developed from two or more languages.
semantics(1) The study of meaning and word interpretation
semantics(2) The exact meaning of a word
standard(1) Conforming to the established language used by educated speakers.
standard(2) Something established as a measure of quality
vernacular(1) Everyday language, rather than literary language.
vernacular(2) The native language or dialect of a country, place, or group.
vernacular(3) Commonly spoken by a region or group
atlas A book or bound collection of maps
epicure A person with refined taste, especially in food and drink.
galvanize To stimulate or urge into action, to spur
jovial Jolly, filled with good cheer
nemesis(1) A source of harm or ruin, an opponent at cannot be defeated.
nemesis(2) One who inflicts retribution or vengeance
Pyrrhic victory A victory that is offset by staggering losses or that comes at a huge price.
quixotic Dedicated to unreachable goals, idealistic but not practical.
saturnine Gloomy and sullen
Sisyphean Requiring endless effort, without result or success
solecism(1) A nonstandard or improper use of language
solecism(2) A mistake in manners or behavior
behold To gaze or look upon
discernment Excellent judgment and insight, skill perceiving
envision To picture in the mind, to imagine
foresee To see or know ahead of time
gape To stare in amazement, often with the mouth wide open
impressionistic(1) Describing a highly personal, individual response to experience
impressionistic(2) Reflecting a style of painting of the late nineteenth century that focuses on a personal or momentary view of something
myopia(1) Lack of planning for the future, shortsightedness
myopia(2) Nearsightedness, a condition in which distance objects appear blurred
perceptive Marked by understanding or awareness, sharp, sensitive
premonition A feeling that something will happen in the future, an advance warning
subliminal Below the threshold of conscious thought, not detectable, but able to bring about a response
cessation A bringing or coming to an end, a halt
commence To begin
deter To prevent or discourage from acting, by means of fear and doubt
hamper(1) To prevent from moving freely or making progress, to limit
hamper(2) A large basket, usually with a cover
obstruction Something that blocks or gets in the way, and obstacle
preclude To make impossible or unlikely, to prevent
procrastinate To delay, to put off doing something
scuttle To run or move with short, hurried movements, to scurry
subside(1) To sink to a lower or more normal level
subside(2) To become less active or intense
thwart To prevent from taking place, frustrate, block
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