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troposhere lowest altitude, lowest layer, weather occurs, water vapor located
shape of the earth oblate spheroid
thermosphere layer with hottest temperatures
Northwest USA is located
Mediterranean climate zone hot, dry summers, mildy rainy winters, 30°-40° latitude, Italy
particulates in atmosphere come from nature, human resources, volcanic eruptions
semiarid climate zone found near desert , 10°-30° latitude, steps of Asia, sahel
stratosphere ozone layer loacted
gradicule earth's grid system
all maps have some kind of distortion
atmospheric circulation differences in air pressure & surface temp.
23.5° tilt of earth and cause seasons
rotation of earth cause Coriolis effect, gravitational pull, day and night
marine west coast rains most year, foggy, found west coast of continents
tropical year amount of time it take earth to revolve around sun
8 map essentails title, date, data source, legend, direction, scale, location, projection type
interpolation estimating between known data
humid subtropical ATL climate; hot, humid summers; east coast; 40" rain/year
scale map to ground; vebal, fractional, graphical
Coriolis effect cuases the wind currents (direction) on earth
ocean currents wind currents and shape of the ocean cause
topographic map type that shows elevation
conformal maps maintain shape distort size
tropical wet/dry climate zones near equator; tropical wet; mansoons
atmosphere circulation causes 80% of earth's heat transfer
equivalent maps maintain size distort shape
tundra permafrost; treeless; low precipitation
gulf stream warm ocean current that runs along east coast of USA
deserts are located 30° latitude; west coast of continents
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