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MT Root Word (GE-ME)

root words

ger/o old geriatric
glomerul/o glomerulus glomerulonephritis
gloss/o tongue glossotonsillar
glyc/o sugar/sweet hyperglycemia
gnath/o jaw gnathodynia
granul/o grain/particle granulocyte
gynec/o female gynecology
hem/a hem/o hemat/o blood hematochezia
hepat/o liver hepatomegaly
hist/o tissue histoplasmosis
hom/o common/same homogeneous
humer/o humerus humeral
hydr/o water hydrometer
hyster/o uterus/womb hysterosalpingogram
ile/o ileum (small intestine) ileocecal
ili/o ilium (hip bone) sacroiliac
immun/o immune immunodeficiency
infer/o lowermost/below inferior
intestin/o intestine gastrointestinal
irid/o colored circle/iris iridectomy
ischi/o ischium (hip) ischiodynia
jejun/o jejunum jejunostomy
labi/o lip labial
lacrim/o tear/crying lacrimal
lact/o milk lactulose
lapar/o flank/abdominal wall laparoscope
laryng/o larynx (voice box) laryngeal
later/o side anterolateral
leuc/o leuk/o white leukocyte
lingu/o tongue lingula
lip/o fat liposuction
lith/o stone cholelithiasis
lob/o lobe lobular
lumb/o lower back lumbosacral
lymph/o lymph/lymphatics lymph nodes
mamm/o mast/o breast mammogram/mastectomy
medi/o middle mediolateral
melan/o black melanotic
men/o month dysmenorrhea
mening/o membrane meningocele
Created by: tobi