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NRTC AP Digestion

Anatomy & Physiology Digestive System

Accessory Structures of the GI Tract teeth, tongue, salivary glands, live, pancreas, gallbladder
Layer of mesentary extending from the greater curvature of the stomach covering the small intestiens Greater Omentum
Structure that anchors the tongue to the floor of the mouth Lingual Frenulum
Digestive Enzyme that breaks down starch amylase
Digestive Enzyme that breaks down fat lipase
Digestive Enzyme that breaks down proteins and amino acids pepsin
Number of permanent teeth 32
Portion of the tooth above the gum crown
yellowish bulk of the inside of the tooth dentin
Cartilage that covers the trachea to direct food to the esophagus epiglottis
junction of the esophagus and stomach lower esophageal sphincter
junction of the stomach and the duodenum pyloric sphincter
mixture of food and stomach acid chyme
This structure serves to anchor the liver to the abdominal wall falciform ligament
accessory structure attached to the posterior side of the liver gallbladder
Common bile duct drains which organs? pancreas, liver, gallbladder
organ that has both endocrine and exocrine function pancreas
Effect insulin has on blood glucose lowers blood glucose
Effect glucagon has on blood glucose raises blood glucose
Structure that secretes juice to help neutralize stomach acid in the duodenum pancreas
Distal portion of the small intestine ileum
Central portion of the small intestine jejunum
ring-like constriction of the small intestine to help break down foods Segmentation
Distal portion of the colon that attaches to the rectum sigmoid
proximal end of the small intestine that attaches to the stomach duodenum
Nutrient absorptive organ small intestine
water absorptive organ large intestine
bile storage and concentratin organ gallbladder
structures that increase intestinal surface area microvilli
"good" bacteria of the colon normal flora
structure at which the small intestine meets the large intestine ileocecal valve
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