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NRTC Fundes I Final

What is the softening of tissue that increases the chance of trauma or infection? Maceration
What is it called when skin turns white or on darker skin becomes pale? Blanch
What is halitosis? Bad breath
A patient who recently had spinal surgery would most likely be in what position? Prone
A male patient's BMI is 19.5. This would be considered underweight, normal, overweight, or obese? Normal
What does the acronym RACE represent? Rescue patient(s) from immediate danger Activate the alarm Contain the fire/close doors Extinguish flames
What should a nurse do to ensure that communication is best understood by the patient/family? Obtain feedback from pt/family that indicates comprehension.
What is an appropriate nursing intervention for a patient with respiratory congestion? Use a humidifier to moisten nasal passages.
When caring for a patient with active TB, the nurse should anticipate wearing what piece of PPE? N95 respirator mask
A nurse is helping a patient out of bed for the first time. Why does the nurse have the patient dangle at the side of the bed? To assess for signs of orthostatic hypotension
The nurse is caring for a client with HIV. The nurse would encourage the client to eat a diet with greater amounts of: Protein
When giving oral care to an unconscious patient, suction is primarily used to: Prevent fluids from collecting in the patient's mouth and being aspirated.
The most important aspect in the prevention and control of infection is: handwashing
Fainting, dizziness or light-headedness is also called: Syncope
What does NPO stand for? Nothing by Mouth
Before assisting a transfer in or out of bed, the first thing the nurse should check is: Bed wheels are locked
Standard Precautions should be used for what type of patients? ALL patients
The doctor just wrote an order a patient to be placed in restraints. The order is good for 24-hours. What is a priority nursing intervention would the nurse deliver in patient care? Remove the device every 2 hours and change patient's position
The nurse is going to reposition a patient. The bed wheels are locked, the nurse has performed hand hygiene and explain to the patient what she is going to do. What is the next step that the nurse would complete in this process to minimize self-injury? Raise the bed to working height
When assessing for signs of a pressure ulcer on a patient with darkly pigmented skin, the nurse should ensure she has what type of lighting? natural light
After receiving a tube-feeding, the nurse leaves the patient's bed elevated to 30-60 degrees in order to: facilitate stomach emptying and prevent aspiration.
Created by: KFrame