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Science 9/14/14

A person who solves problems in a creative way Inventor
The ancient craft of laying paper over something that has texture is called? Rubbing
When you can't easily see a texture or pattern. Visible
The surface features of an object. Examples are smooth and bumpy. Texture
The mark that a pencil leaves on paper is made of this substance Carbon
A way of doing something Technique
A design or a way of arranging something Pattern
A person who solves problems by looking for solutions in a creative way Inventor
A sticky or gummed substance adhesive
This technique enhances textures and patterns that are not readily visible Rubbng
People who look for solutions Inventors
This inventor created the "Press and Peel" or "Post it Notes" Arthur Fry
This inventor created Pplyvinyl Chloride or PVC Waldo L. Semon
This inventor created a rubber that does not melt in heat or crack in cold. It is used in tires Charles Goodyear
Created by: Evans206