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Chinese Vocab

Lesson 6 - Interactions Text Book

EnglishCharacter (Traditional)Pinyan
to go
to come lái
to return huí
where? 哪兒 nǎr
what place? 什麼 地方 shé dì.fāng
library 圖書館 túshūguǎn
bookstore 書店 shū diàn
to buy mǎi
to sell mài
few, some
book shū
to like 喜歡 xǐ.huan
to drop (a course), to withdraw (from school), to return (something to store) 退 tuì
that nà, nèi
this zhè, zhèi
to add jiā
to take (a course) xuǎn
how is it? 怎麼樣 zěnmeyàng
very hěn
unusually 非常 fēicháng
to be not bad, quite good 不錯 bùcuò
but 可是 kěshì
to study (a subject) niàn
to be much, many duō
few shǎo
to be tired lèi
to be busy máng
to be diligent 用功 yònggōng
still hái
to be good hǎo
semester 學期 xuéqī
not quite, not very 太不 tàibù
to be heavy zhòng
to be light qīng
to decide 決定 juédìng
major, to major in 主修 zhǔxiū
speciality, major 專業 zhuānyè
international business 國貿 guómào
or 還是 háishì
minor, to minor in 副修 fùxiū
I am sorry 對不攲 duìbùqī
already 已經 yǐjīng
o'clock diǎn
minute fēn
second miǎo
time 時候 shí hou
now 現在 xiàn zài
to pass guò
to be short of, lack chà
what time? when? 甚麼時候 shé shí.hòu?
what time? 幾點鐘 jǐdiǎnzhōng
soon, before long 塊(要) kuài(yào)
to want; will, shall yào
to close the door 關門 guānmén
to open the door 開門 kāimén
goodbye 再見 zàijiàn
to borrow jiè
to return (something) huán
Created by: pandatran
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