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Egotist self; and on it you play a nummber of monotonous variiations: what you think, what you done, how good you are, how you would solve the problem of the world, etc. nauseam. iits a vey selfish person and the world revollhk sklro them
Introvert unsocial person who wants to stay by themsleves, yet their greatest desire is to be liked and accepted. Prefers to solitudes or at most the company of one person to a crowd. Tent to be shy, quite,and unhappy.
extrovert usually happy and full of high spirit. you lke to be around alot of people. Your thoughts, your interest, and your whole personality are turned outward.
Ambivert You have both introverted and extroverted tendecies- on different times and different occasions. Your interest are turned,in about equal porportions both inwards and outward.
Misanthrope Cynical, embittered, suspicious, you hate everyone. (Especially, but never to be admitted, yourself?)
Misogynist Crossed, scorned, or deeply wounded by a woman. You have carefully constructed defense against further hurt- you hate all woman
Altruist Disciovered the true secret of happiness- concerning yourself with the welfare of others.
Ascetic Self denia, austerity, lonely contemplation. The simplest things that keeps the body and soul together combined with flesh, earthly pleasures leads to spiritual perfection. that is your phillosiphy.
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