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20140916 Real secret

Reversed, stories HSK4

or, possibly, maybe, perhaps (连) conjunction, (副) adverb 或者 huòzhě
convenient, to help out, to make things easy for people, convenience, suitable, having money to spare, (euphemism) to go to the toilet (形) adjective 方便 fāngbiàn
to give up halfway (idiom), leave something unfinished (动) verb 半途而废 bàntú ér fèi
ought to, should, must (形) adjective, (副) adverb, (助动) auxiliary verb 应该 yīnggāi
to bask in the sun (动宾式) verb object 晒太阳 shài tàiyáng
carrot (名) noun 条 胡萝卜 hú luóbo
inconvenient, troublesome, annoying, to trouble or bother somebody, to put somebody to trouble (名) noun, (形) adjective, (动) verb 麻烦 máfan
(idiom) half true and half false (形) adjective 半真半假 bàn zhēn bàn jiǎ
lit. the clumsy bird flies early (idiom), fig. to work hard to compensate for one's limited abilities 笨鸟先飞 bèn niǎo xiān fēi
his, her, its, theirs, that, such, it (refers to something preceding it) (代) pronoun 其 qí
work, worker, skill, profession, trade, craft, labor (名) noun 工 gōng
line of business, industry, occupation, job, employment, school studies, enterprise, property, (Buddhism) karma, deed, to engage in, already, (Chinese surname) 业 yè
dialect, language, spoken words, speech, talk, words, conversation, what somebody said (名) noun 种, 席, 句, 口, 番 话 huà
son 儿 ér
just (right), main, upright, straight, correct, positive, greater than zero, principle (形) adjective, (副) adverb 正 zhèng
female, woman, daughter (名) noun, (形) adjective 女 nǚ
self, oneself, sixth of the ten Heavenly Stems 十天干, sixth in order, letter "F" or roman "VI" in list "A, B, C", or "I, II, III" etc, hexa (名) noun None 己 jǐ
feeling, emotion, passion, situation (名) noun 情 qíng
name, noun (part of speech), place (e.g. among winners), famous, measure word for people (名) noun, (动) verb, (量) measure word 名 míng
to set, to fix, to determine, to decide, to order 定 dìng
power, force, strength, ability, strenuously, (Chinese surname) (名) noun 力 lì
machine, engine, opportunity, intention, aircraft, pivot, crucial point, flexible (quick-witted), organic, (Chinese surname) (名) noun 台 机 jī
to excuse, to forgive, to pardon (形) adjective 原谅 yuánliàng
formal, official (形) adjective, (副) adverb 正式 zhèngshì
circumstances, state of affairs, situation (名) noun 个, 种 情况 qíngkuàng
at the same time, simultaneously (名) noun, (副) adverb 同时 tóngshí
light, easy, gentle, soft, reckless, unimportant, frivolous, small in number, unstressed, neutral, to disparage (形) adjective 轻 qīng
to accept, to receive (动) verb 接受 jiēshòu
movement, motion, action (名) noun 个 动作 dòngzuò
to act (in a play), to perform, to put on (a performance), performance, concert, show (动) verb 场, 次 演出 yǎnchū
strict, stringent, tight, rigorous (形) adjective 严格 yán'gé
scheduled flight, flight number, plane, scheduled sailing, sailing number, passenger ship (名) noun 航班 hángbān
hard, firm, strong, just, barely, exactly (副) adverb 刚 gāng
to apologize (动) verb 道歉 dàoqiàn
suburban district, outskirts, suburbs (名) noun 个 郊区 jiāoqū
if only, so long as (连) conjunction 只要 zhǐyào
nature, disposition, temperament, character (名) noun 个 性格 xìnggé
on time, before deadline, on schedule (副) adverb, (动宾式) verb object 按时 ànshí
bustling with noise and excitement, lively (名) noun, (形) adjective 热闹 rènao
to arrange, to tidy up, to sort out, to straighten out, to list systematically, to collate (data, files), to pack (luggage) (动) verb 整理 zhěnglǐ
always, at all times, never (if used in negative sentence) (副) adverb 从来 cónglái
nurse (名) noun 个 护士 hùshi
century (名) noun 个 世纪 shìjì
to line up (动宾式) verb object 排队 páiduì
Mandarin (common language), Putonghua (common speech of the Chinese language), ordinary speech (名) noun 普通话 pǔtōng huà
number (名) noun 堆, 个 号码 hàomǎ
thereupon, as a result, consequently, thus, hence (连) conjunction, (副) adverb 于是 yúshì
information, news, message (名) noun 信息 xìnxī
explanation, to explain, to interpret, to resolve (名) noun, (动) verb 个 解释 jiěshì
towel (名) noun 条 毛巾 máojīn
the Great Wall (专有名) proper noun 长城 chángchéng
the Internet (名) noun 互联网 hùlián wǎng
to supervise, to manage, to administer, management, administration (名) noun, (动) verb 个 管理 guǎnlǐ
to permit, to allow (动) verb 允许 yǔnxǔ
broken, damaged, worn out, to break, split or cleave, to get rid of, to destroy, to break with, to defeat, to capture (a city etc), to expose the truth of (形) adjective, (动) verb 破 pò
a dream, an ideal, perfection, ideal, perfect, desirable (名) noun, (形) adjective 个 理想 lǐxiǎng
to look around, to tour, to visit (动) verb 参观 cān'guān
to make, to cause, to enable, to use, to employ, to send, to instruct somebody to do something, envoy, messenger (形) adjective 使 shǐ
active, energetic, vigorous, positive (outlook), proactive (形) adjective 积极 jījí
to dive, to go under water, lurker (Internet slang for somebody who reads forum posts but never replies) (动) verb 潜水 qiánshuǐ
appearance, manner, pattern, model (名) noun 样子 yàngzi
wall (名) noun 面, 堵 墙 qiáng
wheelchair (名) noun 轮椅 lúnyǐ
nervous, keyed up, intense, tense, strained, in short supply, scarce (形) adjective 阵 紧张 jǐnzhāng
key (名) noun 把 钥匙 yàoshi
tool, instrument, utensil, means (to achieve a goal etc) (名) noun 个 工具 gōngjù
secret (名) noun 个 秘密 mìmì
lawn, meadow, sod, turf (名) noun 片 草地 cǎodì
to open, to show (a ticket), to turn on, to switch on (动补式) verb complement 打开 dǎkāi
not so, no, or else, otherwise, if not (连) conjunction, (副) adverb 不然 bùrán
woods, grove, forest, Shulin city in New Taipei City 新北市, Taiwan (名) noun 片 树林 shùlín
to handle, to treat, to deal with, to process (动) verb 个 处理 chǔlǐ
to roll (up), to sweep up, to carry on, roll, measure word for small rolled things (wad of paper money, movie reel etc) (名) noun, (动) verb, (量) measure word 卷 juǎn
beach, shoal (名) noun, (量) measure word 片 滩 tān
tunnel, causeway (名) noun 地道 dìdào
to grab, to capture (动) verb 抓住 zhuāzhù
(stage) lighting, light (名) noun 灯光 dēngguāng
to escape, to run away, to flee (动) verb 逃 táo
gold, golden (opportunity), prime (time) (名) noun 黄金 huángjīn
flavor, smell, hint of (名) noun 味道 wèidao
long table, counter, case, law case, legal case, judicial case (名) noun 案子 ànzi
to take out, to put out, to provide, to put forward (a proposal), to come up with (evidence) 拿出 náchū
wound, cut (名) noun 伤口 shāngkǒu
to advertise, a commercial, advertisement (名) noun, (动) verb 项 广告 guǎnggào
assistant (名) noun 助理 zhùlǐ
office, business premises, bureau (名) noun 间 办公室 bàn'gōng shì
stone (名) noun 块 石头 shítou
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