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What is environmental science? The study of both the science and social aspects of human interaction with the environment
What is an ecosystem? Where living and nonliving environment interact
Define wilderness An environment that is unchanged by man
What are the two main problems in the Diverse South? Poverty and unwise development of the coastline
Name 3 changes from the re-introducing of wolves to Yellowstone -Elk population grew -Coyote population decreased -Beaver population increased
Define Ethics What is right and wrong
What is Environmental Justice? People with the most money, produce the most amount of waste, leaving the impoverished to deal with it
What does sustainable development mean? Middle ground that seeks to help the environment while at the same time creating jobs
What is Natural Capitalism? Businesses can both expand their production and help the environment
Purpose of the Kyoto Summit Get countries to work together on saving the environment
Anthropocentrism Human-centered ethics
Biocentrism Life-centered ethics
Ecocentrism The environment deserves moral consideration
Developmental The most anthropocentric. Assumes that earth exists for human's benefit and pleasure
Preservationist Most ecocentric. Want to see large portions of nature preserved in tact Nature has its own value apart from humans
Conservationist Balance between and preservation and developmental Wants to promote humans and the environment
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