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africa and india voc

Stack #166300

The belief thay every living and nonliving thing in nature has a spirit? Animism
Single unifying spirit of hindu belief? Brahman
Steep rapids or falls in a river? Cataracts
In hindu belief, a person's essential self or soul? Atman
Hindu belief in non-violence and reverence for all life? Ahimsa
In traditional Indian society, unchangable social group into which a person is born? Caste
In hindu beleif, a person's religous or moral daily duties? Dharma
In hinduism,all the deeds a person's life that affect existence in the next life? Karma
The rebirth of the soul in a new body? Reincarnation in hinduism
Philosophical dialogues about hindu beliefs? Upanishads
Within the ancient Indian caste system, outcasts who lived harsh lives? Untouchables
A proffesinal storyteller in early west africa? Groit
Seasonal wind;in india, the winter monsoon Brings hot,dry weather and the summer brings rain? Monsoon
Raised area of land? Plateau
Elected warrior cheif of an aryan tribe in ancient india;local hindu ruler in india? Rajah
In ancient civilization,specially trained Person who knew how to read,write, and keep records? Scribe
Large landmass that juts out from a continent? Subcontinent
An ancient written language of the aryans? Sanskirt
Hindu teachings recorded in sacred texts? Vedas
A group if households in africa who claimed a common ancestor? Lineage
Created by: gostickC