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Hobbitus Vocabulary List 2 (pp 3 & 4)

saluto (1) to greet
sum/esse/fui/futurus to be
interea (adv) meanwhile, in the meantime
specto (1) to watch
tandem (adv) at last, finally
inquit he/she says
pulso (1) to knock (at), strike, hit
festino (1) to hurry
adsum/adesse/adfui/adfuturus to be present
alter, altera, alterum a second; another
amicus, -i, m friend
habeo/habere/habui/habitus to have
ignotus, -a, -um unfamiliar
porto (1) to carry
clamo (1) to shout
statim (adv) immediately, at once
cibus, -i, m food
trado/-ere/tradidi/traditus to hand over
aperio/-ire/aperui/apertus to open
iratus, -a, -um angry, mad
post (+ acc) after; behind
pulcher, pulchra, pulchrum pretty, beautiful
per (+ acc) through
narro (1) to tell
ingens, ingentis huge, enormous
draco, draconis, m dragon
malus, -a, -um bad, evil
custodio/-ere/custodivi (or custodii)/custoditus to guard, watch over
eo/ire/ivi (or ii)/itus to go
invenio/-ire/inveni/inventus to find, come upon
semper (adv) always
fur, furis, m thief
dum (conj) while
cogito (1) to think, ponder
rideo/ridere/risi/risus to smile; to laugh
mons, montis, m mountain
unda, -ae, f stream, river; wave; sea
mare, maris, nt sea
gladius, -i, m sword
hasta, -ae, f spear
bellum, -i, nt war
optimus, -a, -um best, excellent, very good
maneo/manere/mansi/mansus to remain, stay
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