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8K Energy transfers

Key words

Degrees Celsius Unit for measuring temperature
Evaporate When a liquid turns into a gas
Internal energy Energy stored in the movement of particles. Also called thermal energy.
Joule Unit for measuring energy
Temperature How hot something is
Thermal energy See internal energy
Absorb To soak up or take in
Conduction Transferring energy touching
Convection Transferring energy by circling currents in fluids and gases
Density The amount of mass that one cubic centimetre of a substance has
Emit To give out
Fluid A gas or a liquid
Infrared radiation Transferring energy by waves through space
Medium Any substance through which something travels
Radiation Electromagnetic waves that travel through space. Includes light, gamma, radio, infrared, X-ray, microwave and ultraviolet waves.
Reflect To bounce off a surface
Thermal conductor Allows heat to be transferred through it
Thermal imager A device that takes pictures of infrared radiation instead of light radiation
Thermal insulator Does not allow heat to be transferred through it
Solar cell A material that directly converts light radiation to electrical energy
Solar panel A material that transfers the Sun’s infrared radiation to heat water
Appliance A household instrument powered by electricity
Efficiency A way to describe how much energy is wasted
Kilowatt A unit for measuring power kW 1000W = 1kW
Watt A unit for measuring power 1W = 1J per second
Power rating The number of joules of energy an appliance uses every second
Sankey diagram A diagram showing energy transfers where the width of each arrow is proportional to the amount of energy it represents
Kilowatt-hour The amount of energy used by a 1kW appliance in one hour. 1kW = 3600kJ.
Payback time The time it takes to get the money back that you spent on an energy-saving change
Created by: andrewweng0406