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7L Sound

Key words

Amplitude The height of the wave from the starting point to the crest (or trough)
Wave height The total height from the crest to the trough
Frequency The number of waves per second
Hertz The unit for frequency (Hz)
Intensity Loudness or volume of a sound
Pitch How high or low a note sounds
Vibrate Move backwards and forwards. Creates waves.
Vocal folds Flaps of skin in the throat that vibrate to make sound
Medium Any substance through which something travels
Particles The tiny pieces that everything is made out of
Pressure wave Waves like sound waves where the vibration of particles transfers energy
Sound wave Vibrating particles that transfer energy and are detected by our ears
Vacuum A space with no particles
Density A measure of a substance’s mass per unit volume
Oscilloscope An instrument that shows a compression sound wave as a visual transverse wave
Compression wave Wave that vibrates back and forth along the direction of energy transfer
Transverse wave Wave that vibrates up and down along the direction of energy transfer
Trace Line that the oscilloscope makes
Absorb Take in
Amplify Make bigger
Auditory nerve He nerve that carries impulse from an ear to the brain
Auditory range The range of frequencies that an animal can hear
Cochlea The part of the ear that changes vibrations into electrical impulses
Decibel Unit for measuring loudness of sound (dB)
Diaphragm (physics) A thin sheet of flexible material
Ear canal The tube that leads to the ear drum
Ear protection Ear plugs or covers for the ears that stop loud sounds damaging the ears
Eardrum A thin membrane inside the ear that vibrates when sound reaches it
Impulse An electrical signal that travels in the nervous system
Infrasound Sound waves less than 20Hz
Ultrasound Sound waves above 20 000Hz
Microphone An instrument that converts sound waves into electrical current or voltage
Sound intensity meter An instrument that measures the loudness of sound
Communication Transferring information
Echo A reflected sound
Echolocation Finding objects by emitting sounds and listening for echos
Physiotherapist Someone who treats injuries or other physical problems with physical treatments
Reflect To bounce off a surface rather than pass through or be absorbed
Sonar A machine used in the sea that sends sound waves and listens for echos
Transmit To pass through a substance
Longitudinal wave See compression wave
Crest The top of a wave
Trough The bottom of a wave
Superposition When two waves meet and their effects add up or cancel out
Created by: andrewweng0406