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8J Light

Key words

Image A picture that forms in a mirror, on a screen, or by looking down a lens
Opaque Matter that does not let light through
Pinhole camera An image formed when light passes through a tiny hole
Ray A narrow beam of light with an arrow showing direction
Shadow A place where light cannot get to
Source Where a wave begins
Translucent Material that lets light through but scatters it
Transparent A material that lets light through without scattering it
Angle of incidence The angle between an incoming light ray and the normal
Normal An imaginary line at right angles to the surface of a mirror or other object where a ray of light hits it
Angle of reflection The angle between the normal and the ray of light leaving a mirror
Plane mirror A smooth, flat mirror
Ray box A piece of equipment that produces a narrow beam of light
Ray diagram A diagram that represents the path of light using arrows
Ray tracing A method of investigating what happens to light by marking the path of a light ray
Diffuse reflection Reflection from a rough surface where the reflected light is scattered in all directions
Law of reflection The angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection
Specular reflection When light is reflected evenly so that all reflected light goes off in the same direction
Angle of refraction The angle between the normal and a ray of light that has been refracted
Converging lens A lens that makes rays of light come together
Focal length The distance between the centre of the lens and the focal point
Focal point The place where parallel rays of light are brought together by a converging lens
Interface The boundary between two materials
Lens A curved piece of glass or other transparent material that can change the direction of rays of light
Refraction The change in direction when light goes from one transparent material to another
Aperture A hole in a camera that controls how much light goes to the sensor
Cone cell A cell in the retina that detects different colours of light
Cornea The transparent front part of the eye which covers the iris and pupil
Digital camera A camera that uses electronics to record an image
Iris The coloured part of the eye
Memory card Part of a digital camera that stores the images
Optic nerve The nerve that takes impulses form the retinal to the brain
Primary colour One of three colours (red/green/blue) that are detected by the cone cells
Pupil The hole in the front of the eye that light can pass through
Retina The back part of the eye that changes light energy into nerve impulses
Rod cell The cell in the retina that detects low levels of light
Secondary colour A colour made when two primary colours mix (magenta/cyan/yellow)
Sensor An instrument that detects something
Shutter The part that opens when a picture is taken to allow light to hit the sensor
Dispersion The separation of colours in light
Filter (physics) Something that only lets certain colours through and absorbs the rest
Prism A block of clear colourless material usually triangular
Spectrum The seven colour that make up white light
White light The combination of primary colours
Created by: andrewweng0406