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Rocks and minerals

List six uses of rocks Cleaning products, jewelry, countertops, walkways, gravestones, fuel(coal), roofing, concrete
List three extrusive rocks Basalt, rhyolite ,tuff
Which type of igneous rock is course grained Intrusive
What does it mean if an igneous rock is course grained The grains or crystals are large
List three intrusive igneous rocks Granite, pegmatite ,diorite, gabbro, peridotite
Which type of igneous rock is fine grained Extrusive
What does it mean if an igneous rock is fine grained The crystals or grains are small
What does intrusive mean Inside the Earth
What does extrusive mean Outside the Earth
What is the difference between magma and lava Manama is below earths surface and lava is on earths surface
Where can igneous rocks form On or below Earth's surface
What are igneous rocks Rocks that form from molten material
What is the basic "building block"(ingredient) of rocks Minerals (sometimes or organic matter)
How are rocks classified By their origin
Define origin How or where something formed
Even though it is a naturally occurring solid why is coal NOT a mineral Because coal is organic and to be a mineral coal must be INORGANIC
What is the most common mineral group found in Earths crust Silicates
Using the MOHs hardness scale list which minerals can scratch Quartz Diamond, corundum, topaz
Define reclamation Restoring land that has been mined back to its ORIGINAL sate
What process is used to separate minerals from ore Smelting
Define ore A rock that contains a useful amount of mineral in it
List six common uses of minerals Appliances,batteries,deodorant ,coins, medicine, technology, drilling, cosmetics, dental equipment, radiation barriers
Why is color NOT a useful property to identify a mineral Because color can change often. ( when reacting to air, water, or impurities
What is the difference between cleavage and fracture Cleavage breaks along flat, even patterns, and fracture breaks along jagged Uneven patterns
Once a substance is determined to be a mineral, what are the seven properties used to identify that mineral Hardness, cleavage, streak, density, luster, fracture, color
What are the five characteristics of a mineral They must be inorganic, natural,solid, definite set of elements, crystal structure
Created by: Alannamcfadden