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Test two

Microscopes and magnification

Anton Van Leeuwenhoek The father of microbiology.
Was from holland AVL
Worked witty singal lens AVL
The more curved the lens The more powerful the magnification
First observations Blood, bacteria , insects
Problem with his microscope No light or mirror
What we see directly Relates to light
Lens is shaped Affects how the light travels through lens
Convex Curved inward
Con caved Curved outward
Transparent convex Will magnify
Robert Hooke Famous English scientist
Robert Hooke improved microscopes by Adding a mirror for reflecting light
Eye piece Part you look through
Tube Contains many lens
Coarse adjustment knob Moves stage up and down
Fine adjustment knob Sharps the view
Arm Use to carry microscope
Base Bottom
Nose piece Holds objectives
Objectives Different powers of lens
Stage clips Holds slide in place
Stage Place for specimen
Mirror Reflects light
Created by: Wadeadams22