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chapter 1

What are the colorful leaves some flowers produce that may be mistaken for petals? bracts
What is the long tube in the middle of the flower that has the ovary at its base? pistil
What do we call the process when a sperm cell unites with an egg cell? fertilization
What is the transfer of pollen from a stamen to the pistil ? pollination
What is the living, miniature, undeveloped plant that is with in the seed? embryo
What do we call a scientist who study plants? botanists
What do we call a new variety of plant products by cross fertilizing related plants? hybrid
which insectivorous plant has a slippery tube that the insects slides down into? pitcher plant
Which insectivorous plant has a hinge type leaves that SNAP shut when the insect touches the tiny hairs? Venus's fly trap
Which insectivorous plant has tiny "dewdrop" type leaves that attract the insect to land on it and is very sticky? sundew plant
which insectivorous plant has underwater leaves that fill with water quickly causing a suction? bladderwort
what is the most important family of food producing plant. It has long, thin leaves and very small flowers. grasses
What is the second largest family of flowering plants? pea family
most of the members of this family grow from bulbs; their petals grow in multiples of three. What family are they ? lily family
this plant has long, narrow leaves and trumpet-like flowers that last only a day, what am I? day lilly
what is the largest family of flowering plants? each flower is actually a combination of many small flowers. composite family
a sideways growing plant that produces spores instead of seeds fern
a plant that does not have tubes for moving nutrients and water does not have any true leaves, stems or roots moss
a large group of plants found all over the world that do not need tubes to transport food; some are the smallest green plants algae
a plant that does not have chlorophyll fungi
a fungus that can grow on wet clothes, shower stalls and plants mildew
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