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zygomatic bone "cheek bone"
clavicle "collar bone", from medial end at sternoclavicular joint to lateral end at acromioclavicular joint
Jugular(suprasternal notch) at superior end of manubrium between medial ends of the two clavicules
sternum "breast plate", midline of rib cage
xiphoid process "sword like" pointed process at inferior end of sternum
ribs lateral thorax
lateral epicondyle of humerus lateral bump on distal end of humerus
medial epicondyle of humerus medial bump on distal end of humerus"funny bone"
head of radius bony knob just distal to lateral epicondyle of humerus ( with elbow extended, it can be felt rolling during supination and pronation)
pisiform carpal bone at distal skin crease on medial side of anterior wrist
mastoid process of temporal bone bony knob behind ear lobe
c7 spinous process first prominent bump when neck is flexed
spinous processes of vertebrae line of bumps down midline of back
spine of scapula ridge across posterior scapula
acromion process of scapula lateral end of spine of scapula; forms top of shoulder
vertebral border of scapula medial border that runs parallel to vertebral coulumn
inferior angle of scapula lower angle protrudes when arm placed behind back
axillary border of scapula lateral border from inferior angle to axilla(armpit)
lateral epicondyle of humerus lateral bump on distal end of humerus
medial epicondyle of humerus medial bump on distal end of humerus
olecranon process of ulna point of elbow on posterior surface between lateral and medial epicondyles
posterior border of ulna sharp dorsal margin of ulna; palpated entire length of forearm
styloid process of ulna a prominent knob on distal end of posterior ulna
styloid process of radius distal end of lateral aspect of radius ( it is slightly more distal than styloid process of ulna)
metacarpal heads "knuckles", at mp joints
coracoid process of scapula bony knob lying inferior to lateral part of clavicule
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