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What is a bard? A singing poet who wrote about knights and their brave deeds
To copy or to imitate Mimic
What does musical mean? Capable of making music
Sparkly, shiny, glistening Shimmery
What is a jester? Men who entertained the king or queen with tricks and stunts
Not on purpose, by mistake Accident
Barely Nearly, not quite
Kindly sharing, willing to give Generous
Misjudged To form a wrong opinion, to make a wrong guess
Smells moldy or stale Musty
Contentedly Satisfied, content with things as they are
Long ropes Cords
Harpsichord A keyboard instrument similar to the keyboard
A musical play in which most of the words are sung to orchestral music Opera
Souvenir Something kept to remember a place, person, or event.
Composer Someone who writes music
An image seen through a mirror or piece of transparent glass such as a window. Reflection
Elevator A platform or a small room that can be raised or lowered to carry people from one level to another in a building.
A member of the U.S. House of Representatives or of a state legislature. Representatives
The floor of a fireplace and the area around it. Hearth
Hustle To hurry; rush
Capitol The building in which a state legislature meets.
Capital A city where the government of a state or country is located.
A board with instruments or controls for a vehicle or machine. Panel
A long passage that is built underground or underwater. Tunnel
Rebel One who rejects authority or fights against it.
Companies Groups
Preserve To maintain, keep
Hard, black wood of a tree that grows in the tropics Ebony
Orphan A child whose parents are dead
Navigator One who sets and directs a course or path
Scroll of scripture, usually hung on the front door of a Jewish family's home mezuzah
To leave or abandon deserting
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