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Latin Collins Unit 2

Ecclesiastical Latin 501 Christendom NDGS

nam for
servus, servi servant, slave
ancilla, ancillae maid, (female) servant
justitia, justitiae righteousness, justice
trans across
trans- transcontinental
ancilla- ancillary
justitia- justice
servus- servile
sum, esse, fui, futurus be, exist
esse- essence
futurus- future
Judaea, Judaeae Judea
Maria, Mariae Mary
non not
sum I am
es you are
est he, she, it is
sumus we are
estis you (pl) are
sunt they are
agnus, agni lamb
potentia, potentiae power
ager, agri field, (pl) country
angelus, angeli messenger, angel
archangelus, archangeli archangel
apostolus, apostoli apostle
Christus, Christi Anointed One, Messiah, Christ
Deus, Dei God
discipulus, discipuli disciple, student
dominus, domini lord, master
filius, filii son
episcopus, episcopi overseer, bishop
minister, ministri servant, minister
Petrus, Petri Peter
populus, populi people
puer, pueri boy, child, servant
psalmus, psalmi psalm
servus, servi servant, slave
hodie today
potentia- potentate
ager- agriculture
angelus- angelic
dominus- dominion
filius- filial
populus- populate
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