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MICABI - Exam 1


lincosamides (2) clindamycin and lincomycin
clindamycin's 2 major advantages over lincomycin more lipophillic and more potent
lincosamides' mechanism of action The lincosamides bind to the same 50S ribosomal binding sites as the macrolides and chloramphenicol. Protein synthesis is inhibited in early chain elongation by interference with transpeptidation. Cross resistant with macrolides.
what happens if erythromcyin and clindamycin used together antagonism
lincosamides spectrum gram-positives; anaerobes (G+/-); some protozoal pathogens (toxoplasma gondiii)
part of spectrum that makes clindamycin most useful anaerobe activity
clindamycin pharmacology absorption about 90%, not affected by food; insignificant entry into CNS but effect for some bone infections; half-life about 2 hours, extensively metabolized; careful in severe renal failure
lincomycin - effects of food with admin marked reduced absorption
N-demethylclindamycin activity more active than clindamycin
clindamycin sulfoxide activity less active than clindamycin
clindamycin (lincosamides) side effects Allergy (rashes); Diarrhea- 20 %, in part by pseudomembranous colitis (toxin from clostridium difficile, opportunistic anaerobe, regularly resistant); Hepatotoxicity- minor reversible elevation of transaminase
clindamycin drug interactions may block neuromuscular transmission & enhance NM blocking agents; Clindamycin phosphate is chemically incompatible w/ solutions of drugs that require a basic pH; antagonize action of macrolides (erythromycin/azythromcyin)
clindamycin clinical uses agent of choice for infections by GI anaerobes and infections caused by oropharyngeal strains of Bacteroides spp.; alternate agent for positive cocci infections; Acne vulgaris, topical use, white in color
Created by: Krafty