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what two cell types have contact with the Basement membrane in the testes? sertoli cells and spermatogonia
FSH stimulates what cells to produce what? FSH stimulates sertoli cells to produce ABP and Inhibin
LH stimulates which cells to produce what? LH stimulates Leydig cells to produce testosterone
what is the mechanism of finasateride? inhibits conversion of Testosterone to DHT by 5-alpha-reductase
What cells does LH target in the ovary? What is its function? LH targets the theca cell. It stimulates desmolase to make androstenedione from cholesterol
What cells does FSH target in the ovary? What is its function? FSH targets the granulosa cell. It stimulates aromatase to convert androstenedione to estrogen.
At what point during the menstrual cycle is follicular growth the fastest? second week of the proliferative phase
which hormone stimulates proliferation of the endometrium? estrogen
which hormone maintains the endometrium to support implantation? progesterone
which phase of the menstrual cycle is constant? how long is that phase? Luteal phase is always 14 days
a woman reports having a 31 day cycle. On what day is the LH surge? Day 16 (LH surge occurs one day before ovulation)
In what phase are the primary oocytes arrested in a pre-pubescent girl? prophase of Meiosis I
in what phase are the secondary oocytes arrested until fertilization? Metaphase of Meiosis II
which cells secrete B-hCG? trophoblasts
how soon after conception does B-hCG appear in blood and urine? 1 week it appears in blood, 2 weeks in urine
how does one know if a woman is entering menopause? FSH:LH > 3:1
what is most common cause of primary amenorrhea? turner syndrome
what cardiac anomalies are associated with turner syndrome? coarctation of the aorta
What is the cause of female pseudohermaphroditism? excessive exposure to androgenic steroids during early gestation (ie congenital adrenal hyperplasia or exogenous androgens during pregnancy)
what is the most common form of male pseudohermaphroditism? androgen insensitivity
what are the features of androgen insensitivity syndrome? female external genitalia with rudimentary vagina; testes present in labia majora. high levels of testosterone, estrogen and LH
What are the features of 5-alpha-reductase deficiency? unable to convert testosterone to DHT --> ambiguous genitalia until puberty when increase in testosterone causes masculinization of genitalia "Penis at 12)
what are the hormone levels of 5-alpha-reductase deficiency? LH is normal or increased, testosterone/estrogen levels are normal.
what is the most common precursor to choriocarcinoma? hydatidiform mole
what is the genotype of a complete mole? 46,XX - all from paternal genome
how does one treat a hydatidiform mole? curettage and methotrexate
what hormone is increased in hydatidiform moles? B-hCG
a lack of trophoblastic invasion of spiral arteries in the myometrium can cause what? placental ischemia --> preeclampsia
what is the treatment for eclampsia? IV magnesium, sulfate and diazepam
pregnant woman presents with painful uterine bleeding in 3rd trimester. what is this associated with? abruptio placentae --> associated with DIC
pregnant woman has massive hemorrhage after delivery. what caused this? Placenta accreta --> caused by direct attachment of placenta to myometrium
Pregnant woman has painless bleeding (in any trimester). what is the cause? Placenta previa --> attachment of placenta to lower uterine segment (may occlude internal os).
increased hCG and sudden lower abdominal pain and no bleeding. what is the cause? ectopic pregnancy --> can be caused by chlamydia or gonorrhea infection (PID)
which viruses cause squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix? HPV 16 and 18
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