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Latin III Vocab. #5

Words for Quiz, 10/21/08

to consult consulere
I consult consulo
I have consulted consului
consulted consultus
I deceive fallo
to deceive fallere
I have deceived fefelli
deceived falsus
meanwhile interim
to be between interesse
I am present intersum
I have been present interfui
about to be present interfuturus
to deny negare
I deny nego
I have denied negavi
denied negatus
I don't know nescio
to be ignorant nescire
I did not know nescivi
having been ignorant nescitus
I help prosum
to help prodesse
profui I helped
I punish punio
to punish punire
I have punished punivi
punished punitus
generation saeculum
of a generation saeculi
crime scelus
of a crime sceleris
appearance species
of the sight speciei
I forbid veto
to forbid vetare
I have forbidden vetui
forbidden vetitus
I ask interrogo
to ask interrogare
I have asked interrogavi
asked interrogatus
I doubt dubito
to doubt dubitare
I have doubted dubitavi
doubted dubitatus
soon mox
trust fides
of trust fidei
I believe credo
to believe credere
I have believed credidi
believed creditus
the matter res
of the matter rei
age aetas
of an age aetatis
Created by: jamersontd